Bagini Glacier Trek

Area: Garhwal Himalayas

Duration: 09 Days (3 day travel/6 days trekking)

Best Season: Mid May – Mid October

Grade :Moderate

Altitude: 4520mts/14820ft

Total Trekking: 65 K.M

About Bagini Glacier Trek

If you are looking for some adventure in trekking, experience the trek to Bagini Glacier. This is a route where, you will have to face numerous challenges, but the nature goddess is dressed in such a dress that you will find that the queen of the world is before you to give you a boon. Top peaks, like Kalanka and Dunagiri will be peeping through the crowd of snow covered peaks, giving you the honour of the chief guest to the kingdom of Mountain-king. Excellent lakes and grassy lands in the route will remind you again and again that Uttarakhand is the land of Shiva, the time god. Bloomy floras in the meadows and excellent hamlets, refreshed by the clear stream water will keep on smiling, so that you can feel the heartily welcome of Nature, in her own region. The overall experience of the trip is beyond your wildest imaginations, not only for the adventure you faced, but for the energy you gained from the solace of almighty nature.

Bagini Glacier Trek

While crossing the hanging bridge over the Bagini Glacier, you are sure to hear the sounds of your heart beat. They will respond to you with such loud voice, that the hills will also be able to listen those. Route from Dronagiri to Bagini is mesmerizing with flowery blooms and high altitude peaks, standing high to proof that they are touching the sky. Just think once, how will you fill when you are walking through the Himalayas, as if it is your own house, and smells of alpines and hilly toxic flowers are carried to you, especially for you, by the wild winds. Such raw and wild feelings are waiting for you in this trek. You will not have to wait for that anymore. Even there is no need to imagine those. They are before you and with all the blooms and blessings of the Mother Nature.

The trek route is neither too easy, not that much tough, as it is beyond the Gaumukh. However, it is better to take a guide with you, if you are not having rigorous experience of climbing the Himalayas. Nature, while roaming in the Himalayas, is not only most enchanting for her youthful beauty, but she is timid and mysterious too. Experiences of her beauty will be clarified to you, once you will find the Changbang and Kalanka, staring at you with childhood bewilder, but mysteries will reveal to you at times, which is beyond your imagination. Yellow and purple flowers all along the route will nod their head expressing their pleasure for your arrival at the spot. However, do not forget that this is the land of the Gods. So, mythological stories will surely cover a bigger percentage of your note book.

The route will be having many mythological short scripts. Some of the local people will be saying, showing some hill top, it was the place where Shiva held Maa Sati, on his back; that was the place where Prajapati Daksh conducted the Sacrifice. So keep noting them, they will fill your diary with lovely enchants.

Bagini Glacier Trekking Tours Highlights

  • Witness the vibrant flowers, crystal clear streams, sights of frosty summits, rocks and boulder ridden paths, quaint hamlets and more
  • Behold the stunning views of Hathi Parvat (6,727 m), Ghodi Parvat, Rishi Parvat and other high Himalayan peak

Best Time to Visit

Best time to travel to Bagini Glacier Trek is in summers (May – June) and Post Monsoon (September – mid October).

Summers: The weather of Bagini Glacier Trek remains salubrious and pleasing during summers. The Himalayas are distinctly visible and the cool breeze adds charm to the vacation. Carry woolens with you.

Post Monsoon: Serenity and solitude are at its best during post monsoon at Bagini Glacier Trek. The region is blessed with snowfall during winters and the accommodation options also remain few. But you can see the best of Bagini Glacier Trek during post monsoon as it looks like Heaven on earth.


Where is the Bagini Glacier?

Located in the Nanda Devi National Park at an elevation of 14816 feet from sea level, Bagini is a beautiful glacier, bestowed with the presence of flora and fauna. From the glacier, one can get the stunning view of peaks like Dunagiri peak (7,066 m), Changa Banga peak (6,864 m) and Kalanka peak.