Buran Ghati trek – A grand buffet of the greatest Himalayan treks

Buran Ghati is a hidden gem. If you pack in the great parts of all our best treks in one superb trek you get Buran Ghati. Arguably, Buran Ghati also has the most thrilling pass crossing amongst all our treks. Trekkers need to rappel down a snow wall at 15,000 ft! If that thrill is not enough, there are five big snow slides to do. Even the most sober trekker rediscovers an inner child in him on the Buran Ghati trek!

The trek has forests, grasslands, mountain views, even village settings. At the fag end of the trek, descending through Barua village is a never ending passage through time.

Whom is this trek meant for?

Want to experience the highlights of our greatest Himalayan treks in one single trek? The Buran Ghati trek is for you! From beauty to adventure this trek has it all. This trek is suitable for those who have some trekking experience and have followed the fitness schedule religiously. The minimum age requirement to be eligible for this trek is 12 years.

Buran Ghati is a moderate to difficult trek. The 1,628 ft climb to Dhunda can be challenging and requires a decent level of fitness. On this trek, your mental strength is as important as physical fitness. At the top of the Buran pass, you will see the main obstacle ahead – a 400 meter vertical ice wall. This stretch is a great adventure but one must tread carefully. On the last day as you walk towards River campsite, there is a small exposed section that overlooks a river which you need to be careful while traversing. All this implies that you have to prepareand get fit before you set off on this trek.