Chenap Valley Trek

Area: Garhwal Himalayas

Duration: 09 Days (4 day travel/5 days trekking)

Best Season: Mid May – Mid October

Grade :Moderate

Altitude: 4750 mts

Total Trekking: 60 K.M

About Chenap Valley

Among all the Garhwal treks, this route is least known to the trekkers. The valley is having wide variety of flowers throughout and can be stated to be the best valley with so many floral varieties. The view of the Chenap Lake is unsurpassed in beauty, but the flowers all around makes the beauty amplified to several times. You will find the oak and deodar forest surrounding the lake from a close distance. Pass through the meadows and get to the trails with fresh and untouched water. The trek is not that much difficult. Although you will have to climb for a long time, but the altitude is gradual and thus will not be that much difficult for you. One thing is sure in this spot – you will find least number of trekkers, since it is only known to few. The route is best accessible from Joshimath.

Chenap Valley Trek

The trek will be starting from Chai, the sole village in the area. It is having the least population, but the hospitality, you will get from them, is admirable. Soon after you cross the village rugged path, you will find the snow topped mountain peaks. Nada Devi will look to be the biggest among them, with Dronagiri and Nanda Kot, closely following her. After covering certain distance, you will find another village named Thaing. Greenery and lush meadows surround and protects the village life there. It is time to find the Brahma Kamal. Just cross some of the easy slopes and beautiful natural plantation field with poppies, oaks and the fabulous Brahma Kamal. Daisies, anemones and numerous serene looking flowers will nod their heads to admire your arrival at the valley. After crossing the teak forest, you will find a glance of the peaceful Swanu and Nandu Lake. In the valley, you will be bewildered to find a temple, where Raj Rajeswari is living a solace life with Mohan Nanda.

The flower variety of the land is really enigmatic. Hamlets chirping here and there are trying to get your attention, for their new colourful dress, nature has woven for them. As you continue to climb reminding of the ancient relation with the wild family, you will find white bed sheet in the form of snow is laid on the mountain top. Mother Nature is calling you for the best solace sleep, you have ever slept on the snowy bed. Swanu and Nandu are waiting for your glance, a few kilometers away. They will show their pleasure and gratitude for your arrival, with the warmth, endorsed by nature. You will love the trek route, since it is easy for the beginners and is warm with the heartily blessings of Nature God.

Godly stories will generate a divine sense: Local people will show you some of the temples at this place and will show you a trekking route at some distance. They will narrate that that is the valley where Mother Durga fought the forceful battle with Mahisasura to protect her son. You might feel top reach there in the next trip.

Chenap Valley Trekking Tour Highlights

  • Throughout the journey, trekkers will pass through the famous landmarks of Uttrakhand – Haridwar, Rishikesh, Joshimath, Confluences, Crystal Clear Lake, Verdant Valley, Snow clad Himalayan Peaks and many more.
  • Cavernous gorges, chattering waterfalls, spacious views, vibrant landscapes and dazzling variation in scenery are some major highlights of the trek
  • Meet and greet local people.
  • Feel the greatness of nature by rambling over the lush meadows , sprinkled with wild flowers.

Best Time to Visit

Perhaps the best time to visit the Chenap Valley trek is June to September. In this time the valley remains in full bloom as the snow starts melting and there is very less rain. By the end of the September, the flowers start drying up and put their seeds on the earth for the next season.


Where is the Chenap Valley?

Located in the Chamoli district of Garhwal Himalaya, Chenap is a lush green valley, quite famed for its lakes and flowers that bloom in the region. To reach the Chenap Valley, trekkers will have to pass through grasslands dotted with wildflowers and remote villages.