Gaj Pass

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Introducing a Himalayan Camping and Trekking expedition in May 2015 –   Gaj Pass Trail 


The mighty and imposing Dhauladhar Himalayan ranges in the backdrop, complete with snow clad peaks, gorgeous terrain coupled with winding roads that steep down, lined by the quaint Himalayan houses on one side and lush forests of deodar on the other comprises the Gaj Pass Trek. Beautiful birds the likes of which you will have never seen before, chirping away to wake you up in the morning and a serenity that will make you forget all the worldly troubles that you have to deal with.

About Gaj Pass

There are several high altitude glacial lakes across the Dhauladhar ranges and Lam Dal holds the most prominent position among them all. Gaj Pass is the most suited and most convenient route to reach Lam Dal. The pass is situated at an altitude of 4140mts and follows a treacherous path that comprises of moraine terrain, glacial routes, dense alpine forests and vast expanses of open pastures.

About the trek

The Gaj Pass Trail trek is a moderately difficult expedition that takes you through an untouched and completely non-commercialised route to the Dhauladhar ranges. The trail follows the course of the Gaj river with numerous wooden bridges and natural jacuzzis along the way, taking you through dense alpine forests and amazing terrain.

The first stop will be Bagga Dhar which is a pastureland of the local Gaddi shepherds of the area. After a night of camping here, the trek will move further to the snowline. Those feeling up for the task can actually summit Gaj Pass while others can enjoy a day of Himalayan trekking and enjoyment in snow.

Preparation for trek

I would soon upload new blog here “As to how to prepare for trek”, the training I did of only 15 day before I left for Everest Base Camp. You must be a lazy person just like me, who doesnt work out regularly but this training will surely help you.