Kanari Khal Trek

Area: Garhwal Himalayas

Duration: 12 Days (4 days travel/8 days trek)

Best Season: Mid May – Mid October

Grade :Tough

Altitude: 4515 mts

Total Trekking: 96 K.M

About Kanari Khal Trek

Garhwal region of Uttrakhand located very near to the Himalayan Peaks, gives lots of scope for most-adventurous and enjoyable trekking experiences to trek-lovers. The Kanari Khal Trek stands out of the crowd by its fascinating excitements. What is in store for trekkers here is high altitude of 4150 meters above sea-level; viewing the snow-clad peaks in closer proximity; rivers; streams; waterfalls; thick forests; eye-pleasing grass-lands; wild-flowers-laid carpets and peaceful tiny mountain villages en-route.

Historically people of India have been making it a wow in their life, to visit Badrinath and Kedarnath on pilgrimage tour, located in this region. Badrinath Yatra should go through Joshimath; and Kanari Khal Trek is an enjoyable diversion for trekking from Joshimath. The trekking trip starts from Joshimath and reaching a small village by Jumma, by truck on a hilly and bumpy road, and rides through the villages Tapovan, Reni, Lata, Suraithota and Phagti, alongside of the River Dhauliganga. This village Jumma is close to the Indian-Tibet border, and so the winds blowing will be fierce and very chill.

Kanari Khal Trek

The actual trekking starts from a steel-bridge over Dhauliganga; ascending 3 kms to Ruing and you will be staying for the night. From here further ascending to Dronagiri; Longatulli; (taking a side-attraction trip to Bagini Glacier) Kanari Khal and Garpak to return back to Jumma again. Now the excitement and thrilling experiences, while passing each stop of this Kanari Khal Trek are for your information. Ruing to Dronagiri trail is well-laid and goes through a forest. So you can enjoy the surrounding of greenery, singing of birds and wildlife creatures passing your way.

The main-route to Dronagiri is ascending and ticklish, but there is also a descending trail going through a hilly-terrain. Once you cross this trail carefully, what awaits you at the top will be breathtaking view of Hathi Parvat and Ghori Parvat. Fully snow-clad in winter, these two peaks look like arising from a beautiful painting. During summer, blooming flower-beds are added attraction all over. Camping at Dronagiri will be mind-pleasing, since high-technology equipments of Solar panel lighting and Satellite Phones are available. There is also temple here for Bhumial God. You can have a glimpse of Mount Dunagiri from here.

Trekking from Dronagiri to Longatulli is somewhat easier, because the trail is not that steep. On the way, you can view at long-distance Rishi Peak and Bagini Nala. The area is devoid of vegetation and looks barren. After two hours of expedition, you will see a stream and green-patches of fertility.

Most trekkers spend one more day at Longatulli to climb the trail to Bagini Glacier. When you reach Bagini Lower Base Camp at 12,360 feet, you can happily view the Hardeol, Satminal and Rishi Pahar Peaks standing majestically. Continuing the trail you will reach Bagini Glacier – also known as Garud Base Camp, to enjoy viewing the beautiful Himalayan Peaks fully-covered with snow. The trail from Longatulli to Kanari Khal will be steep and narrow. Tall grass grown everywhere and you can see Bagini River gushing down below. Reaching Kanari Khal you will feel on top of the world, and view the amazing Dunagiri and other peaks, as well as Nandi Kund Pass at a distance. Then descend down to Garpak, back to Jumma and Joshimath; and take the fond memories of Kanari Khal Trek with you back home!

Kanari Khal Trekking Tours Highlights

  • Get close to nature as you will be crossing rivers, waterfalls, high-altitude grassland, and carpets of wild flowers
  • Enjoy the stunning view of snow-covered peaks, forests and mountain villages
  • Meet and great people of remote villages like Jumma, Tapovan, Reni, Lata, Suraithota and Phagt

Best Time to Visit

Best time to travel to Kanari Khal Trek is in summers (May – June) and Post Monsoon (September – mid October).

Summer: The weather of Kanari Khal Trek remains salubrious and pleasing during summers. The Himalayas are distinctly visible and the cool breeze adds charm to the vacation. Carry woolens with you.

Post Monsoon: Serenity and solitude are at its best during post monsoon at Kanari Khal Trek. The region is blessed with snowfall during winters and the accommodation options also remain few. But you can see the best of Kanari Khal Trek during post monsoon as it looks like Heaven on earth.


Where is the Kanari Khal?

Standing tall amid the bounties of nature, Kanari Khal is a high mountain Pass in the Chamoli District of Uttrakhand. The trek is not meant for faint hearted people. Usually, mountain lovers and adventure seekers are seen scaling the Kanari Khal. From Kanari Khal, one can see the view of Dunagari and other neighbouring peaks.