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  • At a distance of 300 meters from Yaganti Bus Stand, Pushkarini is the famous temple pond of Yaganti situated about 100 meters before the main temple entrance.

    Pushkarini, filled with pure water throughout the year, is a wonderful structure with beautiful gopuras, pillared corridor and wonderfully built a mandapa at the center of the pond. No one knows how the water flows into Pushkarini in all the seasons. The water flows continuously keeping the water in the pond clean all the time. The water flows through a rock entrance with carved figures of Nandi. Devotees usually take bath in the pushkarini before visiting the main temple.

    There are wonderful carvings of Lord Shiva, Lingodbhava, Lord Vishnu, Shiva & Parvathi and several other gods below the first step of the temple pond. 


    At a distance of 400 meters from Yaganti Bus Stand, Uma Maheshwara Swamy (also called Yagantiswamy) Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva YAGANTI of the most famous Shiva Temple is Andhra Pradesh state. The temple dates back to 5th and 6th centuries with contributions from Pallavas, Cholas, Chalukyas and Vijayanagara rulers. The temple received significant contribution from Vijayanagara Kings Harihara & Bukka Rayalu, who finished the construction of several structures in and around the temple. 

    Built in Dravida style, the temple boasts a large five-story tower built by Vijayanagara rulers. The tower is followed by the main temple structure built with stone which has a large pillared hall followed by the sanctum which houses the deity. The pillars in front of the sanctum have wonderful carvings of Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma along with several other gods. 

    The sancutm houses the idol of Shiva & Parvathi (Ardhanareeswra) carved out of a single stone. This is probably the only place where Lord Shiva is worshipped in an idol form instead of Shiva Linga. It is believed that Sage Agastya performed penance for Lord Shiva at this place and requested Shiva to appear in Ardhanareeswara form which is worshipped here. 

    Another unique feature of the temple is Nandeeswara statue which has been growing in the size. Archeology department has confirmed that the size of Nandi keeps increasing by 1 inch every 20 years. According to Potuluri Veera Brahmam Garu, the Basavanna of Yaganti will continue growing and come out and shout when Kaliyuga ends.

    There are several sub-shrines in the temple complex including Veerabhadra Swamy, Viswanadha, Ganesha, etc.

    The temple has a large pushkarini (pond) with pure water. Several devotees take bath at pushkarini before visiting the deity.

    Timings: 6 AM – 1 PM and 3 PM – 8 PM

    •                                                                                                             At a distance of 400 meters from Yaganti Bus Stand, Agastya Pushkarini is a small pond situated towards northern side of the sanctum of Uma Maheshwara Temple.The water is accumulated in Agastya Pushkarini from the surrounding hills before it flows into the main temple Pushkarini. The water source is originated at a place called Mucherla which is about 15 kms from Yagati. The water flows through the hills of Yerramala and reach the Pushkarini here. Sage Agastya wanted to check the source of water and he mixed turmeric and saffron powder at Mucherla and identified that the same water flows into the stream here in Yaganti, this the pond is named after sage Agastya.The water in the pond are considered sacred and pilgrims should not keep the feet in the pond. There is a small stone mandapa with a gopura at the pond which has nice carvings on the pillars.
    •  Agasthya Cave / Rokalla Guha

    • Venkateswara Cave

    • Sankara Cave


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